Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sound of Butterflies

Author Rachael King has an interesting post on her blog about writing a list to help write a novel.

She uses it like notes on a whiteboard to remind herself of the mood she's trying to create. It's attracted some attention from other writers in the blogosphere who have gone off and done the same thing.

(I like the idea that blogs are the equivalent of conversations at the water cooler for people like writers who work alone.)

Actually, Rachael's blog attracts interest from other writers full-stop because it offers up the mind of a curious, intelligent, practical writer and gives generous insights into the business of writing. At the moment she is writing her second novel as Ursula Bethell fellow at Canterbury University. The picture is the cover of the German translation of her first novel The Sound of Butterflies.

Inspired, I sat down and wrote a (preliminary) list for Precarious, my second novel.

concrete bridge
standing upright
falling down
chicken man
choral singing
what you see
yearning to be

And here's Rachael's

And the rest of her blog here.

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