Friday, June 6, 2008

Award-winning NZ author Carl Shuker (The Method Actors) neatly side-steps publishers and bookshops and puts his new novel up for sale via 'limited edition download'. Buyers can go to the book's website and pay what they want to from 1cent US up (he wanted it to be from zero but Paypal wouldn't let him).

Called three novellas for a novel -- the first of three parts the depleted forest is available now.

Shuker says : 'the first of three intertwined twenty-first-century horror stories to be published in serial for free or more, is now live at - for just two more weeks until ∆O hills park (part 2) arrives with all its madness mid-June. Novellas written, designed and laid out by me, web site design by Ryan Skelton at the Chop Shop with Junichiro Onuki deftly bevelling the tech.'


Anonymous said...

As you rightly say - audacious - and brave to an extent - people get to choose whether to pay or not... but I guess he's talented enough to be brave enough.

I loved 'The Lazy Boys' and although it was dark and nihilistic at the end, it made me laugh out loud and I found myself (having been the mother of teenage boys) right there at all the awful parties (recognising people who, unlike the protagonist... have thoroughly redeemed themselves), and remaining hopeful to the end of the book (but I had better not spoil the plot). He's a rather handsome sort of young man, our Carl, don't you think - and he has an air of the author about him.

Mary McCallum said...

Interesting, Maggie. I haven't read The Lazy Boys but given Rachael King's and your plugs I think I should. Rachael talks about Shuker as a kind of genius unswayed by public opinion of his work ( The 'air of the author' perhaps? I love the concept of his intertwined three-part horror story and the fab website.