Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Blue in Portland

Here's one of those random travel shots of The Blue (it does more travel than I do). It's posed in front of the Steel Bridge in Portland Oregan and the photo is taken by ex-pat Kiwi Julia Stoops whose step-mother Noeline sent her a copy of The Blue. Noeline sent copies to everyone in her family, it seems, including son Mark who kindly took it to India - see his mad-cap story of misfiring tuk-tuks and a monk in love in the post True Love Behind the Taj Mahal .

Here's Julia's story:

Last weekend it was sunny and Tom and I cycled down to the waterfront. I'm attaching some pictures I took of 'Blue' in front of something recognizably Portland, in this case the Steel Bridge. Not quite as famous as the Taj Mahal, but it's actually interesting to transportation enthusiasts, as it is one of the few rail + automotive + pedestrian + light rail (runs of different tracks than regular rail) drawbridges in the world. And according to Wikipedia, "It is the only double-deck bridge with independent lifts in the world".

Julia is a web designer with a terrific-looking website, and she's writing a novel, I gather. Thanks, Julia, for the pic. I'm interested in bridges at the moment as there's one in my new novel - nothing like the Steel Bridge, but a bridge nonetheless.

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