Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Blue and I are off to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. The panel we are appearing on is called Let's Go Down to the Sea and it's with Barbara Else and Joan Druett, chaired by Graham Beattie, it's on Friday 10-11 at the Aotea Centre in the NZI Lower Room. Authors will be thick on the ground there for the next four days including J.M.Coetzee who has won the Nobel Prize and is one of only two authors to win the Man Booker Prize twice. Disgrace is in my handbag (that would make a great title for a book.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah Mary (I'm still anonymous - but not by choice) - I'll get it sorted.
Two things I am envious of - sitting next to Witi and chatting in the night with Anne Enright (not to mention her signing your book).
ah well... is envy still a sin, or has the Pope agreed it is inevitable.