Sunday, May 11, 2008

Antarctic Blue

Tamsin Falconer sent this shot of The Blue in Antarctica. She said it wasn't quite as cold as it looks but then locals think of minus 6 as a balmy day.

I don't know her at all but she looks an audacious sort, and she knows writer Kate Duignan who sent the photo on. Thanks Tamsin! I am both grateful and envious.

There's something apposite about a photo like this considering the whales in my novel come from Antarctica and the people on the island are constantly aware of the closeness of the vast southern continent.

In a southerly buster, they smell it on the wind.

Tamsin's email went like this:

Please pass the photos on to your friend & let her know that I am enjoying The Blue very much, though mostly reading it in my bunk, not outdoors.

Interestingly, when I posed for the photo, I opened it up to a page that had at the top a phrase about there being a storm on the horizon and the weather coming in, which is exactly what it was doing.

You can't see it too well in the photo, but there was a lot of snow blowing around.

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