Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eating my words

This gorgeous thing is a word cloud of my novel The Blue. The sound you can hear is my words being eaten. Only yesterday I suggested Rachael King's new hobby was a little bizarre, but a brief squizz at Wordle and I was smitten. Within seconds it had eaten the whole manuscript of The Blue and burped up this (click on it for a fuller picture.)

It's like one of those Michele Leggott poems which you make your own way around - anything goes and, strangely, any variation works. In this case, whatever combination and shapes the words make expresses appositely what's in The Blue.

I love
Ed and Friar with said in between butting into a vertical Lilian,
air mother see men water,
whale moment,
boy looking need another still sea.

I could spend hours analysing it (surely it's the shape of an island, or perhaps a whale?) I'm surprised about three things at this early stage: why none of the whaling terms or equipment etc are mentioned e.g. 'harpoon', why 'chicken' isn't there and neither is 'Arapawa Island'. Or maybe they are, I just can't see them yet.

Sorry, Rachael (pardon me while I swallow). I'd love to see the word cloud of The Sound of Butterflies.

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Rachael King said...

Ha ha! I'm afraid I have moved beyond that particular distraction - too much else on my plate! But I'm glad that you got some pleasure out of it. I think it's just luverly.