Saturday, July 26, 2008

A love story

Okay so I stole this from my friend Fifi's blog, but that's what happens in blogland. Anyway, writer Libba Bray has written a love story with the love object being the novel she's writing. It is laugh-out-loud funny and every writer in the midst of that particular love story should read it forthwith.

I'm thinking of people like Rachael King whose relationship with her second novel is very hot and cold at the moment. And after you've read Libba Bray you'll realise why. Rachael's on the rebound. She dumped another work-in-progress for this one. No wonder it's messing with her head. Her latest post is all about word clouds and some bizarre idea of feeding the whole of her first novel into this word-cloud maker ...

And when you've finished with Libba, read Fifi's struggle to write anything at all one especially cold bleak day. It was the evil bus stop that dampened her ardour, the poor darling.

And all of this while I am finally flirting again with my second novel in a haze of post-Montana adrenalin and approval. As Libba puts it: 'My book is so, so clever! Seriously. It was only our third date and it brought me fresh metaphor. '

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Rachael King said...

Yes, great piece, and so apt. My novel and I are in the settling down and getting comfortable phase. Lots of night at home in front of the TV. Cosy.