Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming with Books

Wonderful new book blog over HERE by author Susan Pearce. Thoughtful reviews from the point of view of a reader and a writer, for example this extract from her latest post entitled 'Where do ideas come from?' Fascinating stuff. Bring it on, Susan!

Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) is of the opinion 
that ideas and creativity circle the world like gulfstreams, looking for ‘portals’, and if you’re not open to them, they’ll go and find someone who is. I get the impression that she means actual gulfstreams of ideas, just as she seems to mean actual angels when she talks about angels.
I too entertain some unverifiable ideas, though I don’t have Gilbert’s ability to believe in discrete, human-like supernatural entities. But for writing purposes, I’ve found that pretending to believe can be useful. Our imaginations believe and act on what we tell them.
The post continues here. 

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