Monday, February 23, 2009

famous blue amphibrachs

Note problems with blogging last night meant this post ended abruptly without the famous blue amphibrachs - this has been rectified... scroll on down....

While I was in Canada, Leonard Cohen was here in Wellington. My friend Heather texted me while he was playing to say it was the gig of the year if not the decade. When he was singing Famous Blue Raincoat, she had tears in her eyes. I had tears in my eyes knowing I was missing it. The clip above is from the Bucharest concert last year because it's a pretty clean close-up version.

Did you know that much of FBR is written in amphibrachs? These are metrical feet used in Latin and Greek prosody. An amphibrach consists of a long syllable between two short ones e.g.

It's four in/ the morning,/ the end of/ December
I'm writing/ you now just/ to see if/ you're better
New York/ is cold, but/I like where/ I'm living
There's music/ on Clinton/ Street all through/ the evening


Anonymous said...

We went to see John Hore at the Naked Possum

I think you can make an amphibrach from that, but I can't make my typeface bold on the comments page.

Anyway - like you, I missed the Leonard Cohen concert which friends tell us was the best concert they have ever been to. Sigh. Instead, we were in the Golden Bay eating at the Naked Possum and the guest entertainer was none-other than Mr John Hore (Grennell)... and I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Golden Bay - what a place... cockles and mussels alive-alive-o.

Mary McCallum said...

Oh Maggie that made me laugh!

Harvey Molloy said...

I didn't know that about FBR: cheers for that and the video, Mary. I, too, regret missing the concert.