Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I love pohutukawa. The city is foaming with them. Such a lovely start to Christmas.
We go over the hill tomorrow for Christmas Day at our olive grove. I think we will have twenty-two family and friends there this year eating, drinking, singing, swimming, lying around and playing petanque. There aren't any pohutukawa up that way so I might take a few with me.

I once drove up to a friend's wedding in Turangi - the chilly bin packed with red blossoms. They looked great on the tables in the marae, although one of the kuia took me aside to explain that there were no pohutukawa thereabouts except for one on an island in Lake Taupo, and there was a good reason (backed up by myth) why that was so. She said she found the sight of the pohutukawa in Turangi lovely but perplexing.

They might look a bit odd among the olive trees, too, but they will be festive. And they'll blend in with the other imported blossoms like this little one below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all visitors to O Audacious Book especially the bloggers I visit in turn through the year. I really appreciate people coming here, commenting, coming back ... I will try to post over the holiday period, although I'll be terribly busy reading all the books I never got to in 2008 but wanted to. I can get through one a day over the hill in summer.

Hammock here I come.


Helen Rickerby said...

Marry Christmas to you too Mary! I hope you have a relaxing break - though having so many people around doesn't sound too relaxing to me!

Catherine said...

There aren't many pohutukawa in Christchurch either - one of the things I most missed when we moved south. I spent much of my childhood at the beach in Karaka Bay which was, as you say, "foaming with pohutukawa" at Christmas time.
Hope you have a great break

Harvey Molloy said...

All the best for the new year, Mary. I'm interested to know the book you enjoyed the most in the hammock.

Vanda Symon said...

We've come for a little drive up north this Christmas, and I loved the pohutukawas in flower in Wellington. They brought the city to life.

Your article in the Dominion Post was lovely, what an idyllic way to spend your holiday. We did laugh at your mention of the Cheese place. Guess where we had been the day before! We had a lovely time at Mt Bruce, then traveled up the road to look at the model trains and sample cheeses. Alas, as you thought, Sally had gone to the great pasture in the sky, but we tasted some and brought some lovely "Just Molly" and she also had "Just Elsie" and "Molly in a hurry."

We're now in Napier, enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to sampling the local vintages.

Mary McCallum said...

Thanks Helen,.Catherine, Harvey and Vanda - oh yes, I am having a lovely break - hopefully I will have a minute to post on it now (am at the local library using their internet connection...) - and Vanda, you really should have popped in to see us on your way to see the cheesemakers! I'd have loved to have seen you up here - do you still have my mobile no? Text me next time...And Happy New Year everyone.