Monday, November 17, 2008


The Blue is on Radio NZ National today at 10.45 am! Press the headphones on the top left of the Radio NZ web page to hear it live - it doesn't appear to have podcasts for some reason. The photo was taken when I visited Arapawa Island with my family on a research trip for the novel. It approximates the view Lilian Prideaux has from her house in The Blue, only she lives closer to the water and is tucked back a little inside the neighbouring bay. The finger of land you see is where the whale lookout was, between the island and the Lookout is Tory Channel which opens into Cook Strait and behind that is a tantalising peek of the Pacific Ocean which takes you to South America and Antarctica where the whales come from ...


Rachael King said...

Great Mary! I expect teh reason it is not available as podcast is that they only bought NZ audio rights. They'd need international rights to broadcast it online as a podcast.

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Great to hear your novel in the background as I listen to National radio while I work.


And yes, you can get another bite at the cherry with international audio rights if you've negotiated those terms on your contracts.