Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Dandelions

The dandelions have gone to hay
to huge bleached rolls
over by the front fence

you size one up
run hard
grab the top, feet scrabbling

dog barking
heave yourself onto
the bristling thistling rump

and high above the shorn grass
high above the hoarse dog
like fingers through your hair

feel the freshest air.

                                     Mary McCallum

A little poem that sits in a file with many others waiting to be worked on, approved of, brought out to play. It's hard to see them at a distance these little grabs at life. I like this one for its images of size and the various transformations from small to large - little dandelions become huge rounds of hay, child becomes tall on the rounds of hay made from small dandelions. And I love the bristliness and the chutzpah.

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1 comment:

Catherine said...

What a lovely reminder of late sumer, while we are shivering in snow!
I also meant to tell you how much I loved your "Approaching 50" poem the other week.