Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Giant DCM Bookfair and my delicious haul.

It's still on until, I think, 5ish, and then on again tomorrow at TSB Bank Arena, Wellington.  $2 a book!!! A great thing to do on a rainy day. Or any day.  Bliss.


Helen Rickerby said...

Good haul Mary! I'm particularly impressed with you getting Dear Lady Ginger for $2. I had to buy mine over the net.

Mark Pirie said...

Hi Mary, yes it was good, I was there at the end too on Sunday and they let me fill a bag of poetry books for $5.00 so I ended up with over a 100 books for the Archive. The best thing I got was The Essential John Arlott, 40 years of cricket writer and poet Arlott's cricket writing. Also Bethell's Collected Poems, 1950 Caxton Press edition. I see my anthology (with Tim Jones): "Voyagers" spine in your photo. Nice to know someone bought it.

KAT ADL'S said...

I remember the book the runaway settlers I recognise the cover From my childhood..but I cant remember the story..I was obsessed with Laura Ingalls wilder at the time..its lovely seeing the picture again