Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paul Henry - such a dag

Tuesday Poet Renée Liang has posted a villanelle about the Paul Henry debacle* on her blog Chinglish. The NZ poet of Kiwi-Asian descent (yes, definitely a New Zealander), Liang says: 'Ironic that one of my first attempts at a villanelle (one of the more intellectual and difficult forms) would be prompted by Paul Henry, but that's what indignant anger will do!'  It begins:  

Paul’s such a dag, he’s such a lark
He’s never serious, never thinks
Why get so mad it’s just a laugh

for more visit her blog.  Great to see poetry out in the NZ political arena!  

*TV host, Paul Henry, urged PM John Key yesterday on live TV to select a Governor-General who "looks and sounds more like a New Zealander". Henry asked Mr Key whether NZ-born Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand - of Indian Fijian descent - was even a New Zealander. 


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