Friday, September 10, 2010

And the world comes tumbling down

Moving post on Canterbury after the quake by poet, Harvey McQueen, born and bred in Little River.

And his wife, Anne Else, has a useful graph which shows the aftershocks petering out...


Rachel Fenton said...

A very humbling post, Mary. Harvey's guilt is shared by many but the silence is curious. So little has been made of this event in world news terms but perhaps that's testament to NZ's pragmatic attitude and resilience.

I wish Christchurch a speedy recovery whilst acknowledging that the fear and guilt may have spread north.

Kathleen Jones said...

Thanks for linking to this Mary. I'm just an observer - it makes me feel guilty when I see what others are going to have to live with after i'm gone.
Did you read Jeffrey's earthquake poem in the paper? Is it going to be on the blog?
Hopefully I'm going to be able to post a poem (though NOT about the EQs) tomorrow before Ileave.