Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Poem: Little Dog’s Rhapsody In The Night by Mary Oliver, a reading

Mary Oliver reads a poem from Dog Songs from The Penguin Press on Vimeo.

Oh this is just perfect. I am working on a poetry book at the moment with dog poems in it (that's as a publisher not a poet), and the poet sent me a link to Mary Oliver's new book called DOG SONGS (The Penguin Press 2013). I love Mary Oliver's work already -- and now I love it doubly. Such perfect lines...

Could there be a sweeter arrangement? Over and overhe gets to ask.I get to tell.
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Zireaux said...

Very nice. The fact it's night makes all the difference; the darkness, the small expressive rhapsody, and being woken up by the little pet (those poets without the "o"s) in need affection.

I once read of a sick pet parrot
who hated human touch. To spare it
a paltry death, its master built
a bed-like box with walls of quilt,
where it could die with noble bearing.
The master woke next day within
his own bed chamber. Near his chin
the bird lay dead (and pillow-sharing).
Mesmeric death’s enchanting glove
had teased out an unlikely love.