Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Poem: Cloud walking

across the harbour
the city melts into the morning 

over it a sky the pale end of blue
and improbable clouds all hues

of white and grey heaped
in heavy shapes

a hat   a dog   a bird in flight

on the Promenade
a woman hoves 

into view    blue shirt strains
over an improbable bosom

hair springs from 
an improbable white hat

who would have thought it?
the sky down here to say


Mary McCallum

This is fun and from a long time ago (10 years?) when I was getting back into my poetry again. My subject became what was outside my door and where I walked. I've polished this poem up, though, in the past week, because I'm working as co-editor on an Eastbourne Anthology of writing and thought I should go back to some of my Eastbourne poems and pop them into the mix for consideration. Why not? 

Please check out the Tuesday Poem Third Birthday Poem which is in its third week now - 11 poets have posted 11 stanzas and there are more to come. I love the way it's going... 


Helen McKinlay said...

I love it Mary. It has quite made my day. Who WOULD have thought it. And isn't the word hove a marvellous word! Thanks for posting it :-)

Mary McCallum said...

Thank you Helen - your comment has made my day. Thank you. And yes, HOVES - love it - that's one of the words I popped in this past week.