Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mansfield with Monsters at 1000 wpm

My review of Mansfield with Monsters by Katherine Mansfield and Matt and Debbie Cowans (Steam Press 2012). A great literary mash-up - enjoyed reading it immensely.

My review sounds like it's been speeded up a bit, but that's just me when I'm excited ( the book) -  tired (long story) - and haven't (mistakenly) eaten any breakfast.

I have to say, I had a delicious lunch shortly afterwards at the fabulous Haya on Aro St : mini meatloaf, salad and homemade focaccia. Slowed me right down. After that, my band had a practice - much mellower all round.


Michelle Elvy said...

Sounds great -- Mansfield goes supernatural! Will look forward to this (bleak, dark, violent), Mary. Loved the discussion of this creative mash-up.

Elizabeth Welsh said...

Awesome stuff, Mary! It's a fascinating re-exploration of the dark side of M. Love the review :)