Monday, April 30, 2012

Mark Doty's Vita Nuova

On my blog roll it says When Women were Birds under US poet extraordinaire and memoir writer Mark Doty's blog heading. So I clicked on it, intrigued. For some reason the post isn't there - he must have reconsidered! But I found this wonderful post by him instead about the nexus between creative writing and real-life writing on blogs and how restricting the latter can be toxic for the former. It is also a post about the relevance of our old lives and that tricky thing: old uncollected poetry - something that does take up my thinking from time to time, and about unexpectedly making a new life: la vita nuova, and the joy it brings.


Michelle Elvy said...

interesting post this week. I like Mark's reference to freedom in his voice, like a gradually spreading thaw -- that is a great image for a writer finding himself.

T. said...

Mary, thanks for this pointer. It's been ages since I've checked in with Mark Doty's blog, and this particular one seems particularly relevant.