Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Poem: Wild

For Colin

erupting from a flock of birds
arms wide open
that great heart pumping
so hard so hard

that great heart pumping
so hard

Mary McCallum

A poem about my friend Colin Webster-Watson, a sculptor, whose great heart gave out nearly five years ago. He'd feed the gulls every day down on the beach near my place, and oh they knew he was coming! What a noise - what a sight. His arms would be flung out like the wings of the birds that flocked to him. But then he was always like that, arms flung wide ready to embrace.

Do check out a powerful sensuous arresting poem on the Tuesday Poem hub this week by Bill Nelson.  It will stay with you I promise.


Elizabeth Welsh said...

The brevity makes this seem so powerful, so condensed, so full of life - 'erupting'. Thank you for sharing your poem and your dedication, Mary - amazing stuff, as always.

Kathleen Jones said...

Yes, you managed to get all that into those few lines Mary. It's so full of energy, and there's a sad, elegiac feel to the last two lines. Lovely.

Rachel Fenton said...

Very sad. It's difficult to capture the essence of hurts so close but less is definitely more and you've written a poignant tribute.

Helen Rickerby said...

I really like this Mary. I like how image of the flock of birds is like a pumping, fluttering heart.