Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Poem: After the Tsunami

For Japan 2011

So, the obliteration of the snow –
and with it the iteration of this thing
we know: ‘this too will pass’ –
the sweet lives, the sour lives, their 
sweet-and-sour obligations, their 
trappings, brought down 
by a wall of water, blanketed now.

In time - always time - lifted from
the winter vault, 
washed, caressed, and laid to rest 
where the earth breathes fresh
again. We know only what we know.
We know not whence the water, 
we know not why the snow. 

Mary McCallum

I have been 'collecting' my poems together for various publications and applications and in the hope of doing more with them, and I realise I write too many poems about personal tragedy and disasters of various kinds. Here's another one. For more Tuesday Poems click on the quill in the sidebar. 

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