Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Poem: How she holds her head

for Christina      

Hell I believe is the carpark at Pak’nSave on a Saturday         
the lost souls -
all those hunched and bunched and loaded up somewhere
the trolley lane and the sliding door
devils? too many
shrieking for off-cuts of luncheon from the deli counter
angels? one

appeared in front of me once slipping between the Odyssey
and a Corolla
on her way to the entrance (someone sounded a horn)
in jeans and a velvet singlet  and a flash - when she laughed – 
a tongue stud
arms swinging unhurried and wide   nothing in her hands but rings
no child
no wallet   no cell phone  not a damned thing 
and a back so
straight and strong you knew it could   without any
support a pair of wings 
Mary McCallum

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Rachel Fenton said...

Great ending!

Kathleen Jones said...

Absolutely beautiful Mary. I love the structure - teh way you carry the meaning on beyond the end of the line!
Haven't had time to do TP myself this week due to work committments, but going to enjoy reading everyone else's.

Elizabeth Welsh said...

My favourite Tuesday Poem this week! the looseness and fluidity made me fly over the words. And I agree with Rachel, stunning reversal of fortune.