Friday, April 2, 2010


Saw this marvellous word writ large on the back of a caravan yesterday and underneath it:
                                                      (Endless Wanderings) 

I wonder why the caravan owners (a couple in sensible polar fleece with strong chins, it turned out) felt the need to include a definition of 'Peregrinations' which summons the delicious art of roaming - often on foot. Rightly or wrongly, I can't help but think of peregrine falcons, too, roaming in a focused floating kind of way. It is so much nicer to wonder about a word as you tootle along the motorway behind a large white caravan, rather than be told and remove all doubt.

Anyway, I have been putting this blog through all sorts of peregrinations in terms of its shape and colour etc etc. Apparently the last colour scheme gave people (sorry, Tina and Fifi) headaches. So now this -  more muted, kinda cool. If it gives you a headache, please email me forthwith, do not peregrinate. And now here's another phrase gleaned from my motorway trip to send you off into a festive Easter:

                                                        Amazing Glazing

Now where does that take you?

Me: Amazing Grace, windows in churches - stained or clear, one in Samoa - an 'unglazed' circle in stone, the need for that clarity and simplicity when there's an azure sky, the glaze on home-made hot cross buns (see Maggie's delicious poem below), the sense of the marvellous, marvelling, joy.

Here's hoping.  Happy Easter.


Rachel Fenton said...

It's the flooring van that still has me - I'd only been in NZ a month and it pulled up on the street I was crossing with its company name and underneath, in big faux handwriting, the words: "we lay anything"!

Florence Bright said...

hahaha- welcome to New Zealand!
I liked the sign at the Victoria st market corner during the last festive season that said 'Christmas trees- bushy as'

Alexandra Crocodile said...

What a lovely word! it was new to me, I must confess:)