Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Kiss


what it is
to wake to a kiss
he's water and mint
aloe and citrus
bending half-dressed

love in a thimble

                     Mary McCallum

Go to the new Tuesday Poem blog to read No Metaphor by Bryan Walpert, and find links to a host of other poems by the Tuesday Poets. I'm the Tuesday Poem editor this week, and it's been a real pleasure working with Bryan to publish his poem on our new blog. Next week, Tuesday Poet, Claire Beynon, is the contributing editor. 


maggie@at-the-bay.com said...

This reminds me of my chocolate- flavoured fluffy marshmallow love transfusion on Saturday mornings with Sienna - love in a thimble indeed. X

Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Tender, sweet and strong.