Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday Poem: a runaway (spider) success

Snowball or spider's web? It was called both ... The Tuesday Poem started here was picked up by twelve poets yesterday around the country (and elsewhere) if you include NZ Poet Laureate Cilla McQueen who was linked in whether she liked it or not.

Most of us posted poems first thing in the morning, with some bailing in in the afternoon, and two as late as  nine o'clock at night. We linked to each other and popped in and out of each other's poems all day, and other readers came along too ...  the google analytics and statcounter stats prove it.  It was indeed like an 'open-mike' session in cyberspace with the same excitement, stimulation, and sense of community that inspires. 

I really enjoyed myself - reading and re-reading the poems, discovering poets and talents I didn't know, relishing those I did. Thank you to the Tuesday poets who paused long enough in their busy days to find a poem, to post it with links to other poets, and then sent out emails to encourage poets (two overseas) to join us. 

I'm all on for next Tuesday and I know many of the Tuesday poets are too. So come by here then. 

Meanwhile, here's Claire Beynon's poem which seems to me to sum up what I felt happened yesterday. Spiders, we all. 

Links to the other  Tuesday Poems

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