Thursday, April 29, 2010

The miserablist and the poet from Tipperary

Self-declared miserablist and poet Helen Lehndorf is part of the Tuesday Poem project which I began three weeks back, and her posting You by Irish poet Dennis O'Driscoll has led to a fascinating discussion between another Irish poet and herself that you can see here

It's one of those 'no way the world's surely not that small' discussions that goes like this:
Helen finds the poem You by O'Driscoll in the New Yorker and posts it on her blog as part of this week's  Tuesday Poem  (see our badge on the left) which links 24 poets to a blog hub each Tuesday. The poem begins: 'Be yourself; show your flyblown eyes/to the world...' , and her liking it explains Helen's self-declared miserablism. 

Well, another Tuesday Poet, John Griffin from Tipperary - whom, I remind you is one of only 24 poets linked to the Tuesday Poem blog - pops up in the comments at the bottom of Helen's post to say (amongst other things): 
O’Driscoll is from Thurles, just down the road from where I live in Ireland. He works with my brother in the Revenue Commissioners.
And there's more. Check it out. 

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The Writing Instinct said...

I stumbled upon your blog (via Andrea's 'a cat of impossible colour' blog. I especially like the images of the houses you have in the side panel - reminded me of a house we are renovating and that I have recently posted about on my blog:

I look forward to browsing through your older posts.
Best wishes,