Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Tulips

The tulip heads
are as heavy and round
in my hands as a baby’s head.

I cradle the red.
My arms and hands are
shaped exactly as mother.

I am mother, look,
I can hold like one,
look, I can feel like one,
look, how the heads droop
and the black eyes open.

I must not weaken and
let them fall.

                                 Mary McCallum

I wrote this before I had children. I remember the tulips in the apartment in Athens, their exquisite colour and delicacy, and their unexpected heaviness. They were red not yellow, but this photo of tulips I bought a week or two ago will have to do. 

Having had three children, the feelings I wrote of aged 24 hold true - the picture of 'Mother' as nurturer and protector, feeling one has to project that, but fearful too that one won't be strong enough to do what's expected.  

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Raquel Amarante said...

Conhecendo mais da Literatura Inglesa...

Harvey Molloy said...

Good poem, Mary.