Thursday, May 12, 2011

Feijoa Chutney and other gems from the Kiwi Diary

The Kiwi Diary 2011
I have a a huge bag of feijoas and a recipe courtesy of The Kiwi Diary 2011. Hopefully in the weekend I can bring the two together.

I have to say I wouldn't have thought of chutney but for this diary which has all sorts of wonderful things in it to lighten my week - Text Poems by Sarah-Jane Barnett, other sorts of poems, prints, artworks, photos etc. Snippets of things that happened on a particular date in NZ history, references to things cultural....

It's a big solid ring-bound thing, but I keep it by the computer to throw all the family dates in.

This week there's the feijoa recipe and then these dates for every day of the week:

Mon 9 May - "VE Day Celebrations 1945 marking Victory in Europe Day, following Germany's unconditional surrender. Seven years of war and rationing, and over a million parcels sent to troops, is marked by the party to end all parties. Kiwis celebrate VE Day one day late, so celebrations are on the same day as Britain."

Tues 10 May - "The first shipment of NZ gold from Dunedin for London, 1945. It makes approximately 60% of Kiwi exports for the rest of the decade."

Wed 11 May - Charles Upham receives thje Victoria Cross from King George, 1945. His skill, daring and ability to outthink the enemy during the war were legendary. he is the only combat soldier to win the Victoria Cross and Bar."

Thurs 12 May - "The Waihi gold miners' strike begins, 1912 - NZ's most violent industrial dispute. the strike culminates in the death of Frederick George Evans in a  fight between strikers and blackleg miners' union 'the arbitrationists.' The strike last 6 months."

Fri 13 May - "Frances Hodgkins, one of our country's most celebrated artists, dies aged 78, 1947."

Sat 14 May - 'The PLunket Society is formed at a meeting of the Dunedin Town Hall, 1907."

Sun 15 May - "The Government announces an end to Rimu logging by 2002 on the West Coast...."

Feijoa Chutney recipe tomorrow....

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