Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Oes and Spangs by Michele Leggott

A poem that has no beginning and no end ...

Click to view a digital treasure by former NZ Poet Laureate Michele Leggott, and Andrew Forsberg....

Leggott's sight is failing her so this magnificent language poet has been experimenting with digital poems.

Thanks to the NZ Electronic Poetry Centre

For more Tuesday Poems go here. I recommend Tuesday Poet Claire Beynon's blog especially - she has an interesting 'live' poem going on there, and she talks about how she and I got to meet finally after working on Tuesday Poem since March and reading each other's blogs for months before that. It really was terribly exciting. Still is.


Mariana said...

Sumptuous! So many layers & intersections & swoon making arcs.

I can hear her voice too (having heard her laureate series recording recently) which adds to the richness. Thanks Mary!

Mary McCallum said...

Oh Mariana - I agree. 'Swoon making arcs' is exactly it. The poem mesmerises. And I know what you mean about her voice - I love hearing Michele read. Her physical presence is extraordinary.

Claire Beynon said...

'Mirage of singing'.

How beautiful this, Mary, Michelle! A fish, an eye, a lover's back, a miracle (and more.

Thank you.

(and for mentioning the quirky communal poem that's happening over on my blog, too xx)

L, C