Thursday, August 12, 2010

Careful or you'll end up in my next novel

"Careful or you'll end up in my novel" T-shirt
Oh, yes, the perfect T-shirt for a writer. If you can't read the writing - it's in the title of the post. 

Not at all what I do of course - I prefer to invent rather than steal people for my novel(s), so much more fun. So much more Godlike. So much safer. Of course I still nick bits and pieces of people - a gesture of joy, a way of acting under stress, a mannerism of age, a nose ... and it's surprising how many people spot a mate or someone they think they know in a novel, even when the author's never met them. 

Anyway, you can buy this T-shirt HERE at the Literary Gift Company. There's a fab little Virginia Woolf pin, too, in the shape of a red typewriter and a perfume that smells like a paperback and a cup that says 'Go Away I'm Writing.' 

Thanks to Christchurch poet Joanna Preston for this link. And do check out her blog - she's just won the prestigious Mary Gilmore Prize for a first book of poetry in Australia, and her blog is insightful and inspiring. It's called the Dark Feathered Art, adapting a line from one of her poems:



Rachel Fenton said...

I just started reading a book which I'd had for a few days but couldn't get into and then I realised why - it was too new - not enough musty soft fibres - I could still smell the chemicals in the ink. Left it in the car for a couple of nights and it's fine now! It's very good. Book perfume would make me sneeze - only actual books are forgiven for that.

Will check out Joanna's blog, thanks for the link.

TK Roxborogh said...

Diane Brown (my hero) says in her fabulous (over-looked) book 'Here Comes Another Vital Moment', 'such is our nature: we are word thieves; scene stealers...' Now, I may have misquoted somewhat - it's early hours of the morning and I am too cold to go to the book shelf to search the book but Diane is right.

Well, right for me. I warn my students all the time that I am going to steal their: phrases, expressions, attitudes, behaviour.

This is why I don't stop teaching.... I NEED these young people.

Um, does that make me a vampire of sorts?

And, my verification word (pholist) is kinda creepy

Meytal Radzinski said...

I always wonder if people recognize themselves as that annoying shopper or that funny clerk or that eccentric waiter in books. A great t-shirt, indeed!

Unknown said...

Absolutely apt T-shirt for (most) writers!