Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magpie Hall Launch must have been Mighty Mighty

I'm guessing the Magpie Hall Launch at Mighty Mighty in Wellington last night was a humdinger. Rachael King doesn't do events by half-measure and she was promising surprises. I couldn't be there because I have the Dreaded Lurgy - a lurking, lung-clogging lethargy [isn't Lurgy the exact right word?] Oh, I was disappointed! Still am. However, I toasted Rachael's book with a bowl of chicken soup, and proceeded to get down and read as much as I could of the reader copy I'd gleaned from the bookshop where I hang out - oops, sorry - work every Friday. I'm about half way through and really enjoying myself. This woman knows how to tell a good yarn [Sound of Butterflies was her first novel - winner of the Best First Book of Prose at the Montanas that year].

On Facebook, I called Magpie Hall NZ Gothic Erotic, and here's why: there's an old manorial house, leering magpies, faces at the window, old silk wedding dresses, hired help who shoot rabbits and are happy to jump in the sack, gorgeous tattoos on men and women, skeletons in the closets, stuffed animals watching every move ... and there are echoes of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights! Spooky, really, after my last post... Meanwhile, I gather Magpie Hall is on sale from tomorrow! Go here to Rachael's brand-new rather lovely website to find out more about it.


Vanda Symon said...

Sounds wonderful, I'll have to go visit my favourite, University Book Shop, oh dear.

I hope the chicken soup is working its magic!

Fifi Colston said...

This is the next book I will buy and read- having just finished Mandy Hagars 'The Crossing' (great YA) Unity, here I come (tomorrow)

Rachel Fenton said...

Just realised Rachael mentions "vintage" in the blurb, so I cannot go near it until I have finished my own WIP :( V.sad. I was looking forward to digging in!

The book looks and sounds brilliant. Great cover (I first looked up Rachael because I liked the cover of TSOB so much!), I have come to associate her with aesthetically pleasing jacket design - and her new look website is fab, too.

Hope you're feeling better now, Mary - chicken soup - it must be bad!

Rachael King said...

Thanks Mary - it was indeed a lovely launch. One third of the Wellington INternational Ukulele Orchestra played three songs - two by Nick Cave and one by the Be Good Tanyas - and Mighty Mighty was a very appropriate venue, not the least given the manager is a tattooed lady who collects taxidermy. I will write about it on my blog.

Rachel Fenton - she likes vintage clothes. That's it. I'm sure it can't interfere with what you are writing.

Andrea Eames said...

So looking forward to reading it! And to the Christchurch event. :)