Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A livid laureate - Duffy's first poem

Carol Duffy is the first female UK poet laureate in the job's 341-year history and already she's caused a stir with her first official poem Politics .

The poem is about the issue of political expenses which is raging in the UK. The Guardian says Duffy, who was appointed last month, has written 'a powerful, passionate commentary on the corrosiveness of politics on politicians and the ruinous effect on idealism.'

Go Carol Duffy! More here. Meanwhile, NZ has a female poet laureate at the moment - the wondrous Michele Leggott who is about to leave the annually-appointed position to allow another to step up.

Here's a poem of NZ laureates and an earlier blog post on Michele's work .

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Rod Duncan said...

'Politics' is indeed an exciting first offering from our new laureate. It is going to be really interesting to see how her official work develops.

Exciting times.