Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Money for JAAM

Well actually not a lot of money - only $20* - but more importantly JAAM wants something from me: an essay I wrote especially for the next issue's theme of wandering [across genre, ideas, geography etc]. This will be my first ever 'thing' in JAAM and one of the few pieces I've ever had in a literary magazine. After a poem in Landfall in the early 1980s, I went all reclusive about sending off work to be published. I hadn't realised what that sort of exposure meant and I wasn't ready back then to be exposed. Or maybe I was a bit self-conscious or scared or disorganised - or all of these. Anyway, since then I've had some work in online lit magazine Turbine which was very exciting, - and now here's another one of those printed publications: JAAM 27 edited by academic, memoir/travel writer and soon-to-be mother of twins Ingrid Horrocks. I am looking forward to it very much indeed - not just to see my piece in black and white on the page jostling up against poems and fiction and all the rest, as much as to see what Ingrid does with 'wandering'. It's always interesting getting inside that particular head.

*$20 and a copy of JAAM is what contributors are paid.

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artandmylife said...

Congratulations! I've just had my first submission accepted by the same journal (exciting) but now you have me worried about "exposure"