Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Litany by Billy Collins as recited by a 3 year old

This is kind of strange, but people come in all shapes and sizes. I find it interesting what the words do coming from the mouth of a babe and where the meaning lies. For more Tuesday Poems out of the mouths of babes and others - click on the quill in the sidebar or HERE.

At the hub is a strange and fascinating offering by Janis Freegard about an axolotl - editor Saradha Koirala selected it, and in the sidebar... well, click to see!


T. Clear said...

This is marvelous and exhilirating and startling, all at once!

Orchid said...

I love it!

lillyanne said...

Oh! One of my absolutely favourite poets in the mouth of a child! What a treat!

Penal-Colony said...


He found all the right stresses and cadences. Very natural & effortless.


susan t. landry said...