Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food by Fiona Kidman (and other treats)

The writing desk at Rakau RoadMy friend and writer Fiona Kidman has a new website up and running. It's not your common and garden writer website, this one has all sorts of interesting stuff in there e.g. the places she writes - like the gorgeous desk pictured.

On the home page, you'll find the cover of an upcoming short story collection, and details about a fiction/memoir writing course, then how can you resist the 'Food File' with recipes Fiona's written about in her books or simply likes to make. She says,

'I am sometimes asked for the recipes my characters make and whether I have prepared them too. Yes, if my characters have made a dish I will have made it.'

I am tempted by the tomato soup, the zucchini slice and the oriental chew because the ingredients for those recipes are hanging about the kitchen at the moment (the zucchini is verging on a marrow in fact).

After relishing the food, I advise a sortie into the News file for Fiona's views on a cell phone tower in her backyard (a sobering story for us all), a photo of the street named after her, a photo of her grandson's wedding, the launch speech she gave for Sue Orr's (fab) book... and there's more...

Then there's the publications page, the 'About Fiona' page etc etc. Well worth a visit.

The webmaster is Jane Harris of Three Hats who also does the website for Randell Cottage which Fiona and I are both trustees for.

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