Friday, December 4, 2009

Paper Cuts

Watch this. Paper Animation of Maurice Gee's Going West made by the NZ Book Council to encourage books and reading. Viewed more than 330,000 times on youtube. More on the Scoop Review of Books. The animation was by Andersen M Studio in London: animator - Line Andersen, photography & lighting - Martin Andersen.

This will have to keep my blog regulars going for a week as I'm off on my daughter's school camp until next Friday. No internet, no cell phones, no laptop. Just my tramping boots and a book and fifty 12 and 13 year olds for entertainment. - still deciding which book to take. Something light, I think.


Rachel Fenton said...

Happy camping! Thanks for the link - going to have a look presently.

Pam Morrison said...

Wow! What a fantastic piece of animation!! Thanks for posting the link.

Peter Wells said...

It's beautifully done, I think it's superb. My only slight disappointment as a writer/director is I was keen to find out who did the animation. It's a little like a book without an author at the moment. But marvellous all the same.

Mary McCallum said...

Peter, you're right, I should have checked out who did the animation. I have now!

The film was produced by Colenso BBDO who worked with Andersen M Studios in London. The animator was Line Anderson who worked with her brother and business partner, Martin Andersen, on the project over eight months.

Martin Andersen says “everything [in the film] is made by hand. The piece is a result of plenty of scalpel blades, paper and a lot of preparation and patience.”

It says on the Book Council website that the Andersens researched New Zealand extensively in preparation for the film. "They found the visceral language and detailed descriptions of scenery in Going West particularly helpful in creating the three-dimensional scenes in the film."

I've put the details up on the post now. Thanks for putting me straight on that.