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The Blue is subtly written and psychologically perceptive; McCallum has a terrific feel for location and character and how the former can mould the latter. Opposable Thumb
We rarely find a first-time novelist who can write with such precision, maturity and real emotional insight. from The Montana NZ Book Award judges' report for the Hubert Church Best First Book of Prose 2008 - The Blue won this award and Readers Choice Award
Mary McCallum’s well-researched attention to detail, ear for humour and eye for elegant imagery bring to mind the likes of Rose Tremain. Lumiere
Moving seamlessly between past and present McCallum gradually reveals the unseen fractures in Lilian's life through the characters of her children, husband and the island community.The freshness of her prose is remarkable, with descriptions so vivid you can almost taste the salt spray and smell the pine needles underfoot. The Press

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Lumiere review The Blue